Sarnia Dental Restoration

Dental Restorations

Whether your tooth has been injured or suffers from decay, we provide comprehensive restoration services.

It’s natural for our teeth to change over time -- whether it’s just part of the aging process, or it’s a result of something we’ve done.

Exposure to the elements, eating, drinking, and smoking are all activities that can damage our teeth.

Here are some of the ways we can help at Dentistry at the Point ...


When you have decay in a tooth, Dr. Rocca simply fills the cavity with a material that will prevent further damage.


If you have multiple fillings on a single tooth, or a cavity that’s especially tricky -- you may require a crown. It fits snugly over your tooth to protect it from further damage.


While a crown completely covers all surfaces of a tooth, an inlay only covers the biting area -- protecting the tooth’s damage from getting worse.


Onlays are similar to inlays, except they cover a larger area of the tooth -- the cusp, in particular. They are similar to crowns but preserve more of the tooth’s original structure.

Dental Bridges

A bridge holds artificial teeth in place by attaching them to neighbouring teeth. There’s a good idea in cases where we’re not able to use a dental implant.

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Watch videos about Dental Restorations:

Filling Tooth Decay Filling Crown Tooth Decay Crown Inlay/Onlay Tooth Decay Inlay/Onlay