Sarnia Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances

Your teeth can be damaged in the blink of an eye in an accident, or damaged slowly over time by nocturnal grinding.

The best way to protect your teeth is with a custom-made sports guard or bite appliance from Dentistry at The Point. They’re comfortable to wear, and they could save your teeth from irreparable harm.

Sports Guards

If you play hockey, football, rugby, or any other contact sport where your teeth are at risk, talk to Dr. Rocca about getting a custom-made sports guard.

Bite Appliances

Grinding your teeth while you sleep is called bruxism, and it can happen to everyone from young children to older adults. This grinding -- or clenching -- causes major damage to the biting surfaces of your teeth. But wearing a custom-made bite appliance protects your teeth from harm.

To learn more about a custom-made sports guard or bite appliance, please contact Dentistry at The Point today.