Technology at Dentistry at the Point

Here at Dentistry at The Point, we believe in using dental technology to assist us in making a diagnosis and providing dental care.

Intraoral Cameras

These tiny cameras are a fast, effective way to take images of the inside of a patient’s mouth. They’re useful for Dr. Rocca when he’s making decisions about your treatment, and they’re also a great for giving you an up-close look at your teeth and gums -- it’s very interesting in there!

Digital X-rays

Having digital X-rays means Dr. Rocca can manipulate the images on the computer to get a strong sense of each patient’s unique issues.

Panoramic X-rays

This technology provides Dr. Rocca with a two-dimensional image of the entire mouth from one side of the jaw to the other. It greatly assists in establishing problems with symmetry, and allows him to easily compare the two sides of the mouth.

If you have any questions about the technology we use at Dentistry at The Point, please contact us today. We’d be happy to share more information with you!