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At Dentistry at The Point, we want our patients to be pleased with their smile every time they look in the mirror.

Dr. Rocca and Dr. Spinnato are your Sarnia cosmetic dentists. They understands how imperfections in a smile can affect a patient’s self-confidence, and they can correct these issues easily and comfortably.


Wish you had whiter, brighter teeth? Professional teeth whitening could refresh your smile quickly and easily. Brushing and flossing daily are critical for a healthy smile, but unfortunately that isn’t enough to ward off yellowing and discolouration.The enamel of our teeth naturally darkens as we age, and little daily habits -- like drinking coffee and red wine, or smoking cigarettes -- can speed up the discolouration process. 
At Dentistry at The Point, we provide at-home teeth whitening services to help give you a bright, fresh smile.


This process helps ameliorate the defects in the shape and colour of your teeth by placing a thin laminate over them.

Lumineers are very similar to veneers, but are even thinner, resulting in a similarly improved smile that will last for many years.


Contouring, as you may have guessed from the name, involves changing the shape of teeth by reshaping, rebuilding and resizing teeth.


These crowns have a very natural appearance and can improve a smile for many years.

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