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We’ll provide you with a mild medication that helps to reduce your stress levels. You’ll be awake during the procedure, but feel relaxed and calm.  This is often called "Conscious Dentistry".

Commonly known as “laughing gas,” Nitrous Oxide is administered orally through a mask. Once you inhale it, you’ll feel a sense of euphoria. You won’t mind at all that we’re working on your teeth!

If you think you’d be a good candidate for Sedation Dentistry, please contact Dentistry at The Point to discuss it with us. We’d be happy to share more information.


Some patients are nervous about dental procedures, but they never have to be shy about telling us. At Dentistry at The Point, we want our patients to be honest with us so we can help them feel comfortable.

Many patients take advantage of our Sedation Dentistry services, because it helps them to relax during dental procedures.  we provide two options.

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